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Powerhouse Records is a Washington DC-based artist-oriented label.The focus is on American roots music. Powerhouse Records was founded in 1983 by guitarist Tom Principato as a vehicle to re-issue an LP of his group Powerhouse and has grown to include releases over the years by such artists as Tom Principato, Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, The Nighthwaks, Bob Margolin, John Mooney, Big Joe Maher, Kevin McKendree, Mark Wenner, Blazing Telecasters, Powerhouse, Tommy Lepson Band, and Steve Wolf & Swing Speak.

Powerhouse Records and Tom Principato is proud to announce the release from Fender Telecaster icon and guitar legend and virtuoso Roy Buchanan of the CD "Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace" from their "Guitarchives" Series. Find out more!

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More Titles & Artists From Powerhouse Records


Danny Gatton
Danny Gatton -- Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business
Tommy Lepson Band
Putty & Paint
Putty and Paint
Kevin McKendree
Kevin McKendree -- Hammers and Strings
Hammers and Strings

Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- Anniversary CD: Celebrating 40 Years of Roots Guitar Playing
Anniversary CD

Currently out of print
Big Joe Maher
Big Joe Maher -- Good Rockin’ Daddy
Good Rockin’ Daddy
Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- House on Fire
House on Fire

Roy Buchanan
Roy Buchanan -- American Axe – Live in 1974
American Axe
Steve Wolf &
Swing Speak
Steve Wolf & Swing Speak -- Live in the Alley
Live in the Alley

Tommy Lepson Band
Tommy Lepson Band -- AM 53
AM 53


Tom Principato &
Pete Kennedy
Tom Principato & Pete Kennedy – Fingers On Fire
Fingers On Fire
Tom Principato Band
Tom Principato Band -- Live in Europe 1988
Live in Europe 1988
Steve Wolf &
Swing Speak
Steve Wolf & Swing Speak -- Well Spoken
Well Spoken


Tom Principato
Tom Principato -– Not One Word
Not One Word
Remastered - Digipak

Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- Live and Kickin’
Live and Kickin’


Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- Blues Over the Years
Blues Over the Years


Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- Really Blue
Really Blue
Remastered - Digipak

Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- In the Clouds
In the Clouds


Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- Tip of the Iceberg
Tip of the Iceberg

Remastered - Digipak

Tom Principato
& Danny Gatton
Tom Principato & Danny Gatton -- Blazing Telecasters
Blazing Telecasters


Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- In Orbit
In Orbit

Remastered - Digipak

Tom Principato
Tom Principato -- Smokin’

Remastered - Digipak

Tom Principato Band
Tom Principato Band -- I Know What You’re Thinkin’
I Know What You’re Thinkin’

Remastered - Digipak

Powerhouse -- Night Life/Lovin’ Machine
Night Life/Lovin’ Machine

Remastered - Digipak

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