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The focus is on American roots music.

Powerhouse Records and Tom Principato is proud to announce the Aug.18, 2009 release from Fender Telecaster icon and guitar legend and virtuoso Roy Buchanan of the CD "Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace" from their "Guitarchives" Series.

These recordings are rare and unreleased never heard performances and many come from the Roy Buchanan estate. Most are unknown even in "collectors" circles, and date from the period 1972 - 1983 and feature many great musicians such as Dick Heintze, Malcolm Lukens, Tom Hambridge, Robbie Magruder and many others accompanying Roy at such notable venues as the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, the Lone Star Cafe' in New York and the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas. There are 8 tracks total from 7 venues and a CD length of 45 minutes of pure Roy Buchanan at his best. A stunning version of Roy solo doing Malaguena from 1972 is a highlight. Topping off the artwork package are two archival photos taken by legendary Rolling Stone photographer Jim Marshall at one of Roy's concerts in San Francisco, Ca. in 1973.

Although the release date is Aug. 18, 2009 Powerhouse Records is offering the opportunity to select fans to buy directly from Powerhouse Records and receive shipment before the release date in USA for $15 + $5 postage and handling. Make checks for $20 payable to Powerhouse Records

P.O. Box 2213 Falls Church, Va. 22042

The track listings are as follows:

1. Hot Cha Lone Star NY 1983
2. Amazing Grace Lone Star NY 1983
3. Delta Woman Agora Ballroom Cleveland 1979
4. The Messiah Will Come Again Musik Laden TV Germany 1973
5. Malaguena Vibrations TV PBS NY 1972
6. Good God Have Mercy Chestnut Cabaret, Pa. 1978
7. I'm Evil The Bayou Washington DC 1979
8. Green Onions Armadillo World Headquarters Austin, Tx. 1973

Powerhouse Records is proud to announce the release of Wammy award winning singer Tommy Lepson's new CD "Putty and Paint":

Tommy Lepson continues to be one of the great R&B singers around. Always a favorite of mine, this new CD is fabulous and I'm honored Tommy has sung the heck out of my song "No Return". Get this CD. You'll love it! I do. Well done Tommy! Love - Nils Lofgren




The Nighthawks, one of the premier seminal American roots bands of the past 35 years, will release their first studio album in five years, American Landscape, on February 3, 2009 via Powerhouse Records, distributed nationally by Redeye. The new CD marks the studio album debut of the band’s current lineup, in place for the past five years, with original members Mark Wenner (harmonica, lead vocals) and Pete Ragusa (drums, vocals) joined by Paul Bell (guitar, vocals) and Johnny Castle (bass and vocals). American Landscape was produced by The Nighthawks and recorded/mixed at several studios in the band’s hometown area of Washington, DC.

Since the group formed in 1972 and released its first album in 1974, The Nighthawks have been one of the hardest working, most consistent bands of its generation, averaging over 250-275 dates a year and endearing themselves to audiences all over the world with their blue-collar work ethic and universal musical appeal. Two ingredients in the band’s sound have remained constant over the years: the searing blues harp and soulful vocals of Mark Wenner and the solid, rhythmic drumming and vocals of Pete Ragusa.
A roots rock band before the term was used to describe its music, The Nighthawks developed a sound which showcases a talent for combining the diverse elements that make up the entire roots music palette - blues, rock, R&B. rockabilly, soul and swing – to create an original form onto the band, itself. Drawing from a well-spring of talent from the band’s individual members, adding a dynamic live performance presence that keeps audiences coming back for more, and projecting a soulfulness and honesty that transcends the music for a truly visceral experience, The Nighthawks are a unique American music phenomenon.

That tradition continues on American Landscape, as the “new blood” additions of Bell and Castle meld seamlessly with founding members Wenner and Ragusa, to create an even stronger power and energy in The Nighthawks that’s clearly evident from the driving, bluesy opening track, “Big Boy.” The Nighthawks continue to mine the American roots songbook on the rest of the album, with unique covers of music from Lazy Lester (“Made Up My Mind”), Ike Turner (“Matchbox”), Sam and Dave (“Don’t Turn Your Heater Down”), Marvin Gaye (“Try It Baby”), Dan Penn (“Standing In the Way”) and Bob Dylan (“She Belongs to Me” and “Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine).” The band also tips its collective hat to acclaimed writer/director David Simon by dedicating the album to him and performing the title song of his fantastic HBO series, The Wire, “”Down In the Hole,” written by Tom Waits. Over the years, Simon has been a big supporter of the band and featured them onscreen in the second season of The Wire, as well as his NBC series, Homicide: Life on the Street, also using The Nighthawks music throughout both show’s soundtracks. The two original songs on American Landscape are penned by bassist Johnny Castle: the funky, hook-laden rock of “Where Do You Go” and the Cajun/Zydeco-flavored-meets-country-blues of “Jana Lea,” guaranteed to get fans on the dance floor. Continuing the group’s tremendous creativity and versatility, they close out the new CD with “Fishin’ Hole Theme” from The Andy Griffith Show, translating the whistle-along to a country blues/swing number that will surely bring a smile.

Both Johnny Castle and Paul Bell are no strangers to The Nighthawks, having played in several side aggregations with band members over the past several decades. Johnny Castle also spent a number of years with Bill Kirchen’s band; and Paul Bell has previously played with Nils Lofgren (Bruce Springsteen) and Tommy Lepson (Tom Principato). Bell and Castle first appeared on disc as members of the band three years ago when The Nighthawks released a live CD/DVD set, Blue Moon in Your Eye: Live at the Barns at Wolf Trap.

The Nighthawks will tour endlessly in support of the new album’s release, with booking representation by Blue Mountain Artists http://www.bluemountainartists.com. For more information, visit http://www.thenighthawks.com


Release date 7/10/07 exceprts posted at www.myspace.com/powerhouserecords2

Powerhouse Records is proud to present the latest release from our "Guitarchves" Series--"Danny Gatton Live In 1977-The Humbler Stakes His Claim" This release is comprised of newly discovered and previously unheard recordings made by Danny Gatton's sound engineer Chris Murphy throughout 1977 and 1978. What distinguishes these recordings from other live recordings is that these recordings were actually made with microphones placed in the audience, so there is a real feeling of being right there in the club with glasses clanking and audience responses, rather than the more sterile sound of a "board mix".

The set list features some Gatton repetoire standbys such as "Harlem Nocturne" two very different versions (one which features a cameo by the late Dick Heintze on Hammond Organ), "Fingers On Fire", Nit Pickin'", "Canadian Sunset" and two scorching renditions of "Sweet Georgia Brown" as well as obscure songs like Cal Tjader's "Soul Sauce" and two Blues numbers: the slow blues "Danny's Blues" and the shuffle "Walkin' With Danny".

Powerhouse Records Re-releases Tom Principato "In the Clouds" Re-Mastered with Two Bonus Tracks

Originally released in 1995, Tom Principato's "In The Clouds" is back with superior re-mastering and two bonus tracks recorded the same year: J.J. Cale's "Livin' Here, Too" and the Albert King/Booker T. Jones classic "The Hunter". This re-release now contains 10 studio tracks and two stunning live performances recorded at Tornado Alley nightclub in Wheaton, Md.

Here are some press quotes from the original release year:

"Principato plays with pristine beauty and riveting emotional power; he's quite remarkable, and his meaty blend of blues, R&B, and rock will restore your soul"...Dave Richards-Erie, Pa. Time

"Excellent! He has an enormous talent at telling stories in his solos, he doesn't play only 'standard' licks. Guitarist Pat Metheny in an interview with "Guitarist" Magazine (Paris, France) upon hearing "In The Clouds".

CHECK IT OUT! The Nighthawks have just released a new TWO-DISC SET (audio CD/video DVD) called "Blue Moon in Your Eye." The release captures the Hawks during a recent high energy performance at The Barns at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia - a highly regarded venue in the Washington, DC area.

In 2004, The Nighthawks made a change to their lineup - when long time members, Mark Wenner (harp/vocals) and Pete Ragusa (drums/vocals), were joined by Paul Bell (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Castle (bass/vocals). This new lineup transformed what was already an internationally respected blues band into a highly energetic and extremely versatile musical powerhouse - leaving fans to conclude that "The Nighthawks are now the best they've ever been!" T he highly graphical cover design was created by Marty Baumann.

"All in all, Ragusa's rock-steady drumming and singing, Wenner's virtuoso harp stylings and gritty vocals, Bell's on-the-mark, bluesy soloing, and Castle's pumping bass and singing show why this present Nighthawks outfit is their funkiest most powerful yet."
--Alan Kurze,r Blues News, Natchel' Blues Network

"OK everybody, all that post-Jimmy Thackery era lament and whining can be put to rest once and for all. This is the best live set I've seen them perform since the mid-1980's...Rockabilly, Soul, R&B (the real kind), Roots Rock, and Boogie are all integral aprts of a Nighthawks show. They never were a mere Blues band."
--Beardo, Blueswax's Blues Beat

"There's not a whit of pretension, they run their band like a well-oiled machine, and they're guaranteed to put a smile on your face-or at bare minimum, some sweat.
--Creative Loafing, Charlotte, NC

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