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Tom Principato — Anniversary DVD: Celebrating 40 Years of Roots Guitar Playing

This DVD features videos of Tom Principato in performance from 1976 to 1998, captured on professional and amateur video. It includes great moments of Tom with guitar greats like Albert Lee, Danny Gatton, Duke Robillard, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Little Jimmie King, and Pete Kennedy.

Anniversary DVD: Celebrating 40 Years fo Roots Guitar Playing
The Videos
Give Me All The Love Youíve Got
(Tornado Alley, Wheaton MD, 1994)
Iím On Fire
(German TV, 1994, with Albert Lee)
Here In My Heart/In Another Dream
(The Birchmere, Alexandria VA, 1998)
In Orbit
(The Double Door, Charlotte NC, 1990)
In a Dream
(Tornado Alley, Wheaton MD, 1994)
Howís Your Sister
(Maryland Public Television, 1984, with Danny Gatton)
Strangerís Eyes
(Mello Beach, Ocean City MD, 1996)
I Know What Youíre Thinkiní
(Hammerjacks, Baltimore MD, 1988)
Video-Cam Corner
(The Silver Bullet, Moodus CT, 1976, with Powerhouse)
Shake, Rattle & Roll
(The Roxy, Washington DC, 1987, with Duke Robillard and David Hildalgo)
Cross Cut Saw
(Mulliganís Richmond VA, 1994, with Little Jimmy King)

Tomís Tune
(The Cellar Door, Washington DC, 1978, with Pete Kennedy).

NTSC format DVD

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Tom Principato/Danny Gatton — Blazing Telecasters DVD

This DVD was recorded for Maryland Public Television in 1984, featuring Tom and Danny trading licks on four original tunes and two jazz standards. It was taped in a studio setting with no audience. Also featured are John Previti (bass), Mike Sucher (keyboards), and Tony Martucci (drums). This is not the same performance or track listing as the Blazing Telecasters CD.

Tom Principato/Danny Gatton -- Blazing Telecasters DVD
Howís Your Sister (Principato/Gatton)
Tomís Samba (Principato)
7 Come 11 (Benny Goodman/Charlie Christian)  
Breakiní Even (Principato)
In a Dream (Principato)
Back at the Chicken Shack (Jimmy Smith)
Bonus Track:  Howís Your Sister (Take One)

Bonus Track:  Tomís Samba (Take One)

Program Length: Approximately 45 minutes
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NTSC format DVD

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