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Danny Gatton

"If people do stumble across him, their jaws will hit the ground. They'll say, 'Oh, my God, I had no idea something so amazing could exist.' It will be a lump in the throat effect -- I don't expect I'll encounter anyone with as much music and as much guitar so comprehensively put together as he did."

--Joe Barden (Joe Barden Pickups), Danny's pickup man, Vintage Guitar ("Unfinished Business: The Life And Times Of Danny Gatton," Ralph Heibutzki, April 1999)

"That cat played so many notes that people had to get their calculators out, but he'd never throw one away. I swear to god, he never threw a note away."

--Jay Monterose (as quoted in "Unfinished Business: The Life and Times of Danny Gatton").


When Danny Gatton died at 49 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on October 4, 1994 the curtain came down on a guitarist considered an unsung master of the instrument by his peers.

While Danny Gatton was hardly known by the music buying public, the locals knew about him. So did his guitarist peers: their opinions helped him to sweep Guitar Player reader's poll in 1976, an astonishing feat for someone who hadn't carved out a national reputation.

Indeed, Danny became a fixture in Guitar Player's pages (September 1983; March 1989; November 1992; July 1993; November 1994; January 1995) and won its "Country Player Of The Year" award four straight times (1990 to 1994), although he never made an album in that genre!

Other sources have taken notice, too, such as the British magazine MOJO, whose March 2000 issue devoted an entire page to Unfinished Business, the album long regarded as Danny's finest hour ("Buried Treasure: The Great Albums That Time Forgot"). MOJO said what others had always believed in calling Danny "arguably the most technically gifted and dizzingly eclectic guitarist of the rock era."
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